Our Projects

The IT Division strives to bring the university the most advanced, relevant, and useful technologies to campus. To keep the university community abreast of projects within the IT Division, we publish milestones for our most visible projects and update them frequently, as circumstances can cause dates to change. Milestone details may include links to project charters and communications plans. At this time, those documents are only visible to IT division staff.

Information on this page can be filtered to better suit your needs. Filters include unit, dates, stakeholders, and project tiers. Tier one projects are strategic projects within the division and are the most visible to the Texas State community. Tier two projects are key projects the division is working on and are highly visible and have a significant impact on the university. Tier 3 projects are local projects and may not impact large portions of the university.

A list of completed projects can be found on our Completed Milestones page.