Developer Tools

Advanced Tools

Deque axe

Many developers find WAVE to be useful for scanning their passive HTML, but do not find it to be as effective at identifying ARIA or structural issues on the page.

Deque axe is designed to work in the elements list of the browser and finds code errors related to page structure and ARIA. It also links to a first-class knowledge-base with solutions to the identified problems. We recommend developers use axe as their automated testing tool.

Accessibility Insights

Accessibility Insights provides a powerful way to do a full assessment of your web content including an automated scanner and keyboard only tab testing.

NVDA Screen Reader

NV Access provides a free Windows-based screen reader called NVDA which is easy to install and use. With NVDA, you can quickly explore your page and see where form elements are not identifying correctly, where you have introduced unnecessary complexity or where you are not communicating enough information to a user.

Used in conjunction with automated scanners, NVDA can help you know that your page is accessible.

Disclaimer: JAWS is a great tool as well, but the license fee makes it expensive for individual departments to own.

Disclaimer 2: The Information Security Office has authorized the installation and use of NVDA on any network connected university computer.