Risks of Noncompliance

Microassist's Accessibility in the News

Jack McElaney maintains a weekly blog with links to major news stories that concern accessibility.  This is a great resource for tracking legal, technological and practical issues in the field of accessibility.


EDUCAUSE maintains an accessible PDF that outlines institutions of higher education that were sued due to violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and improper handling of equivalent access for people with disabilities.

We suggest you review this information and think about the areas where your department may be falling short. The university Electronic Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator is available to help create plans for remediation of internal policies that are leading to improper purchasing and inaccessible content creation.

Email the EIRAC

Overcoming Bad Habits

It can be difficult to understand the risk associated with inaccessible digital content. Common questions people ask are:

  • Is this a real ADA issue, or one I can ignore?
  • Will there even be anyone with accessibility requirements using this?
  • How much will this cost to fix?

These questions are natural for those unaccustomed to thinking about accessibility, but the law is clear: As a state and federally funded institution we are required to provide electronic resources that adhere to our internal policy guidelines for purchasing and content creation. These internal policies must meet the standards set forth by Texas Administrative Codes 206 and 213, Subchapter C.