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Video Captioning

Importance for Accessibility

Videos should be created and delivered in ways that ensure that all members of the audience can access their content. An accessible video includes captions and is delivered in an accessible media player, such as Mediaflo, Texas State’s media content management system.


Mediaflo is the university's online media management system. It allows users to upload, manage, deliver and share video, audio and images via the university’s learning management system (TRACS), web content management system (Gato), personal website or blog. Mediaflo accounts are currently restricted to Texas State faculty and staff. While students will not be issued personal accounts, they have the ability to upload media to a faculty or staff member’s media library dropbox.

Mediaflo and Gato

Videos may be embedded into a Gato page using the Embed Video content type or any of the video card options available in various content types.

Captioning Video

Captions are text versions of the audio content, synchronized with the video. They are essential for ensuring your video is accessible to students, faculty, staff and members of the public who are deaf or hard of hearing. They also help non-native English speakers to understand the video, make it possible to search for content within the video and help all students learn the spelling of technical terms spoken in the video.

This information can be transcribed speech, descriptions of music and other sounds in a media item. Closed captions can be turned on and off as opposed to open captions which are always displayed.

Captioning and Mediaflo

Mediaflo content displays the closed captioning logo icon in the tool bar at the bottom of the player if content is captioned. Currently, there are three captioning options in Mediaflo: Rev, Amara or upload your own.

Amara Editor

The Amara captions editor is a free tool within Mediaflo that allows you to create your own captions. The time investment to create a caption is about 7-10 minutes per minute of video and the turnaround time is instant after captions are published in the Amara editor. Be sure to review captions created in the Amara editor to ensure they are 99% accurate for ADA compliance. Amara has built-in guides to assist you with captioning your video. The Mediaflo support page has information to help you get started as well.


Rev is a professional captioning service integrated into Mediaflo. With Rev, videos may be ordered through Mediaflo at a cost of $1 per minute of video charged to your department. Videos that are 30 minutes or less have a 24 hours or less turnaround time for captioning. Rev does not provide time estimates for the turnaround time on captioning videos longer than 30 minutes. Rev ensures 99% accuracy which is required for ADA compliance.

To set up Rev captioning with Mediaflo, contact Mediaflo support. Rev captioning requires a funding source first be approved for Rev integration to be enabled.

Uploading Captions

The Captions tab in a Mediaflo's video edit settings allows you to upload a caption file in the VTT format. Contact Mediaflo support before uploading your own captions.

An example of Mediaflo's video settings page showing the upload caption file tab.


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