WAVE Errors and Alerts Guide

This is a glossary of common errors and alerts from WAVE and Pope Tech reports. This guide is intended to supplement WAVE documentation and aid TXST faculty and staff in improving website accessibility in Gato CMS. If you are looking for assistance with how to view a WAVE report, review our WAVE User Guide.

Keep in mind the different issue types as you evaluate your website:

  • Errors – critical issues that need to be addressed first. These errors indicate that a screen reader will have significant difficulty with some of your content. 
  • Alerts – errors that cannot be classified as critical but can cause frustration for users of assistive technology. Manual testing is usually required to verify these alerts.
  • Contrast – errors that affect persons with low-vision impairments or those who are color blind.

If you have an issue that is not covered by either the WAVE documentation or this guide, please contact us at eiraccesscoord@txstate.edu.