txstate.edu is becoming txst.edu

Texas State's website domain (internet address) is officially changing from "txstate.edu" to "txst.edu" on July 21, 2022. The first step in this transformation is changing the addresses of websites utilizing the University's content management system, Gato. Additional phases will address other university websites. 

University website URLs with "txstate.edu" will automatically redirect visitors to the new domain, therefore existing links will continue to work. There are no current plans to decommission txstate.edu. The domain change does not impact university email addresses at this time.

Read below for more information on this project. 

TXST domain

Frequently Asked Questions: 

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  • In its most basic definition, a website domain is simply the basic name of a website. It is what comes after the "www." in a URL or web address. Examples are txst.edu, twitter.com, and texas.gov. 

  • The change should be minimal, but there are things you may want to consider over time, such as updates to printed documents, letterheads, business cards, and other promotional materials. If they contain your website's address, or the address to our homepage, you will want to update that information on your next order. 

  • No, our email addresses will stay the same. We will incorporate @txst.edu into our email infrastructure in the near future.

  • Areas of campus have used TXST for some time now in their branding and communication efforts. Even the university's current marketing campaign, TXST NEXT, has adopted TXST. When the public sees this, it is understandable to think that TXST is our web address. We are taking the next step to make TXST the university domain and better align the university's identity.

  • Yes. There are no plans to decommission txstate.edu. Both URLs will work concurrently, and website URLs ending in "txstate.edu" will automatically redirect to the new domain.

  • July 21, 2022. Our web team is currently testing all the automatic redirects and other pieces related to the domain change to make it as low-impact as possible. 

  • The first phase will happen overnight for Gato sites. Following that, we anticipate it could take about a year to work our way through the non-Gato sites individually to make the changeover. 

  • New websites created after July 21 in Gato will receive a txst.edu address.

  • The current focus is on websites within Gato. We will send follow-up communications to those websites not housed in Gato at a later date. 

  • No, not immediately. You will want to update bookmarks for Texas State websites when you have the opportunity. 

Looking ahead  

Although faculty, staff, and students do not need to take any action right now, there are several things to keep in mind when planning for the future. We have compiled a few recommendations below.

Faculty and Staff 

  • Update your stationery (envelopes, business cards, letterhead, etc.) upon the next order.
  • Update your web content (websites, social media, and more).
  • Update your digital and print signage.
  • Review and update your marketing materials.
  • Update any course-related content.
  • Update promotional materials.

Lastly, communicate the change to your peers! Help keep other Bobcats informed.