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Texas State University

Operational Metrics

The below links to operational metric dashboards have been created by various units within The Division of Information Technology. These dashboards provide quick visualizations for a variety of IT related information.

IT Assistance Center (ITAC)

IT Assistance Center (ITAC) Measures

Description: Displays current support performance metrics, ticket counts by service type, and customer satisfaction measurements.

Updated: Each time the report is viewed. The Average Speed to Answer and the Average Chat Duration are updated weekly.

Technology Resources

Project Management Web Development Active Projects

Description: This dashboard lists all the active web development projects and their current statuses within the Project Management Office.

Updated: Weekly.

Core Systems Availability

Description: This dashboard displays the service availability for Core Business Applications, Banner, and SAP.

Updated: Monthly.

Texas State Commencement Mobile App

Description: Displays current commencement mobile app information including viewer location, device type, and operating system.

Updated: Each time the report is viewed.

Office 365 Usage

Description: Displays Office 365 metrics and usage data. This report is only available to members of the IT Council.

Updated: Monthly

Utilization of .NET Applications by Population

Description: This dashboard details the total number of logins for all .NET applications during the current semester. The most utilized .NET applications are further broken down by university affiliation.

Updated: Weekly

Device Traffic on .NET Applications

Description: This dashboard displays the use of mobile devices compared to the use of desktops on all .NET applications during the current semester.

Updated: Weekly

Browser Utilization on .NET Applications

Description: This dashboard displays the utilization of different browsers on all .NET applications during the current semester.

Updated: Weekly

SAP Fiori Metrics

Description: This dashboard displays the device and application usage for SAP Fiori.

Updated: Daily

University Libraries

Texas State ARL Benchmark Libraries Comparison

Description: Displays University Libraries information in comparison with other ARL (Association of Research Libraries) institutions.

Updated: Annually

ARL Investment Index

Description: Displays Association of Research Libraries (ARL) comparison data for ARL institutions. The latest available data from ARL is from FY2017, published January 2019.

Updated:  Annually

Library Collections Discovery and Use

Description: Displays total abstract requests, how many books were checked in, and how many books were checked out of the library.

Updated: Quarterly

Alkek Library Door Count

Description: Displays average count of patrons entering and exiting the Alkek Library.

Updated: Daily

Purchases and Materials Added

Description: Displays the growth of collection materials and can be filtered by material type.

Updated: Annually

Collection Size and E-Resources Usage

Description: Displays how many items are in the collection and how many electronic materials were used by category.

Updated: Annually

Library Archives and Research Center (ARC) Accessions by Collection

Description: Displays materials moved to the Archives and Research Center (ARC). This report is only available to IT Division personnel.

Updated: Daily

Wittliff Collections Attendance

Description: Displays Wittliff Collections attendance throughout the year.

Updated: Monthly

IT Business Operations

IT Business Operations Tickets and Purchase Orders

Description: Displays a monthly view of tickets closed, purchase orders processed, and other IT Business related data.

Updated: Monthly

Email Sends through Salesforce Email Studio

Description: Displays the number of recipients of emails sent through Salesforce Email Studio by the departments at Texas State that use that emailing tool to educate and inform students, faculty, and staff.

Updated: Monthly

DOIT Social Media Followers

Description:Displays the number of followers on DOIT's social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at the start and end of each semester..

Updated: Beginning and end of each semester

Information Security Office

Buoy Metrics

Description: Displays current security service evaluation metrics. Buoy is a tool used for the information security service evaluation process.

Access to Buoy is limited to university employees with a justified business need-to-know and is not intended for broad institutional access. Those seeking access to Buoy may request access from the Chief Information Security Officer. Buoy can be reached from computers on campus or via the TXST VPN.

Updated: Each time it is viewed