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Operational Metrics

The below links to operational metric dashboards have been created by various units within The Division of Information Technology. These dashboards provide quick visualizations for a variety of IT related information.

IT Assistance Center (ITAC)

IT Assistance Center (ITAC) Measures

Description: Displays current support performance metrics, ticket counts by service type, and customer satisfaction measurements.

Updated: Each time the report is viewed. The Average Speed to Answer and the Average Chat Duration are updated weekly.

Technology Resources

Texas State Commencement Mobile App

Description: Displays current commencement mobile app information including viewer location, device type, and operating system.

Updated: Each time the report is viewed.

University Libraries

Texas State ARL Benchmark Libraries Comparison

Description: Displays University Libraries information in comparison with other ARL (Association of Research Libraries) institutions.

Updated: Annually.

ARL Investment Index

Description: Displays Association of Research Libraries (ARL) comparison data for ARL institutions

Updated:  Annually.

Library Collections Discovery and Use

Description: Displays total abstract requests, how many books were checked in, and how many books were checked out of the library.

Updated: Quarterly.

Alkek Library Door Count

Description: Displays average count of patrons entering and exiting the Alkek Library.

Updated: Each Semester.

Purchases and Materials Added

Description: Displays the growth of collection materials and can be filtered by material type.

Updated: Annually.

Collection Size and E-Resources Usage

Description: Displays how many items are in the collection and how many electronic materials were used by category.

Updated: Annually.