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IT Supported Academic Classrooms

Webcams and Microphones in IT Supported Classrooms and Specific Departmentally-owned Classrooms

In time for the fall semester, ITAC is working to install webcams and microphones in every IT Supported Academic Classroom and specified Departmentally-owned Classrooms. This will allow instructors to use Zoom if needed in the classrooms this fall. See the list of classrooms with webcams and microphones.

IT Supported Academic Classrooms are spaces designed to enhance teaching and learning. Often referred to as 1st Call Classrooms, these spaces are maintained, supported, and come with a standardized array of software and equipment. Support includes emergency classroom calls, training, and orientations. These rooms are scheduled through the Office of the University Registrar.

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Where to use: Academic buildings
  • Cost: Free