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TXST Canvas is here

Great new features. A better teaching and learning experience.

Texas State's new learning management system is open for use. The first classes can be taught using Canvas in January 2020. Canvas is easy to use with powerful capabilities. It brings faculty, students, and course content together. Log in and get started on your project and course sites today!

State-of-the-art educational technology

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SpeedGrader™ makes the grading process faster and easier. Faculty can use it to view different types of online assignment submissions right inside Canvas without needing to download them.

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Calendar creates a seamless experience for students and faculty. Faculty can take control of their schedules. They can create office hours and other meeting times and allow students to book appointments during those times. Calendar saves time and simplifies meeting scheduling.

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The interactive Gradebook has many capabilities, including messaging. If a student does well on an exam, misses an assignment, or has a question, a faculty member can send them a message directly from the Gradebook.

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Faculty can schedule quizzes in advance, have them graded automatically, control their visibility, and much more. This robust tool presents a variety of options to tailor quizzes to specific learning needs.

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Analytics capture detailed information about students and how they are interacting with course content. The Analytics tool shows page views, participation, assignments, and the current score for every student enrolled. Faculty can easily track students' progress, including knowing who is at-risk. 

“Canvas is widely used across higher education, and has a reputation of being responsive, intuitive, and highly adaptable … bringing Canvas to Texas State will assist in our goal to create a robust digital learning environment that empowers faculty and students to reach their highest potential.”

Dr. Gene Bourgeois, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and  Mr. Kenneth Pierce, Vice President for Information Technology

What TXST is saying about Canvas

Faculty and students were able to test Canvas during the 2018-2019 academic year. Here is what they had to say:

Faculty said...

"Canvas is bright and welcoming. Easy to use."

"...Canvas was intuitive and easy to use. I used the Canvas Commons frequently to understand how to use different applications within Canvas....From a faculty perspective, the grading was really easy and user-friendly. I also liked how quickly I could include a video announcement for my students. I enjoyed working in Canvas because it was aesthetically pleasing and easy to use!"

"I like how organized the website is and how easy it is to access. I like all my information laid out in front of me."'

"I really enjoyed using Canvas, it was easy to navigate, visually pleasing and very well organized."

"It seems easy to use and very intuitive. I was able to experiment with the things I wanted to without having to seek support because everything was easy to find and operate."

Students said...

"I really enjoyed using Canvas. The site was intuitive, easy to use, and modern. I loved being able to see my "running grade" and how my grade will be affected if I make a certain grade. I also liked the announcements and notifications."

"It's very well laid out and not cluttered with unnecessary buttons, sidebars, or things of that nature."

"I loved having a task list on the page based on due dates and you can push the X whenever you have completed that assignment. I also love that when you read a discussion it knows where you left off and marks as read when you have scrolled down to it."

"It was user-friendly and easy to figure out on my own. I did not have any prior experience with it."

"I loved that the app is super functional and makes it easy to check assignments. The built in calendar as well makes other class materials easy to access."

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