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Canvas Champions

TXST Canvas Champions are faculty members excited about the Texas State University's new learning management system and willing to share their experiences with peers.

Early adopters: Hear their stories

All Current Champions

Jason Coates, Senior Lecturer, Department of English

Dr. Michele Crawford, Lecturer, Department of Biology

Dr. Seth Frei, Lecturer, Department of Management

Dr. Andrea Golato, Dean, The Graduate College 

Jennifer Garcia, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

Valerie Gomez, Lecturer, School of Social Work

Dr. Candace Hastings, Director, Faculty Development, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Doug Holschuh, Senior Lecturer, Department of Curriculum And Instruction

Dr. Paul Jantz, Associate Professor, Conslng, Ldrship, Adlt Educ and Schl Psych

Ludmila Krylova, Lecturer, Department of Accounting

Dr. Cassandra LeClair, Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Studies

Dr. Douglas Morrish, Assistant Dean and Professor, College of Applied Arts

Sarah Neller, Clinical Assistant Professor, St. David's School of Nursing

Dr. Alice Olmstead, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics


Claudia Roeschman, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design

Dr. Amy Louise Schwarz, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Disorders

Dr. Chad Smith, Chair and Professor, Department of Sociology

Dr. Debbie Thorne, Associate Provost, Chair of the Learning Management System Steering Committee

Dr. Erik Timmerman, Chair and Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Dr. Peter Tschirhart, Senior Lecturer, Honors College

Sarah Urquhart, Assistant Professor, School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Dr. David Wierschem, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, McCoy College of Business Administration

Dana Willett, Assistant Vice President, Office of Distance and Extended Learning

Dr. Ha-Chin Yi, Professor, Department of Finance and Economics