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Where's My Course

Texas State is transitioning from the TRACS learning system to TXST Canvas. Throughout 2020 it is possible students will need to use both systems, depending on which system their faculty member is using.

The "Where's My Course?" tool makes it easy and fast for students to find their courses. It has courses in Canvas and TRACS in one place, allowing students to click to the right place every time for every course.


  • See which system their course is using
  • Access their course sites
  • View instructor name and email

More Information

How does it work?

This tool may only be used by currently enrolled students. After logging in, students will see a list of their enrolled courses, and if a course site has been created by their instructor in TRACS or Canvas. There will also be a link to login directly to the course site.

What if an instructor has not yet created the site?

If an instructor has not yet created or published a course site in either system, students will see a grayed out course listed. They may contact their instructor directly for more information.

Use "Where's My Course?" on TXST Mobile

"Where's My Course?" is on the TXST Mobile app! Students can access the new feature to use the tool and find their course sites.

Don't have the app? Download it now.

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