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Bulk Email Builder

Email List Management Tool Decommission (12/02/2020)

The Email List Management (ELM) tool is being decommissioned on December 2, 2020. If you use ELM to filter and export lists, you will find the same functionality in the new Bulk Email Builder.

If you previously sent email using ELM, a recent update from Microsoft 365 has rendered this feature unusable. An alternate way to send email to a specific list of people is to use the feature within the Bulk Email Builder that takes a list you upload and creates a temporary email address that distributes the email to all on the list. Learn more about the Bulk Email Builder tool.

The Bulk Email Builder is used to assist with managing lists of students, faculty, and staff, and communicating with the university community. Download lists and also upload lists to create short-term distribution lists for easy sending.

  • Available to: Faculty and Staff
  • Where to use: Online
  • Cost: Free

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