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Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature tool that lets you replace paper and ink signatures with automated electronic signature workflows. Easily send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a web browser or mobile device.

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, Graduate Assistants; however, anyone can sign.
  • Where to use: Online, mobile devices
  • Cost: Free

More About Adobe Sign

  Easy to create

Upload any popular document type or choose a previously uploaded template. Add fields to collect e-signatures and other information.

 Easy to sign

Recipients follow the link emailed to them and then sign the document. No downloads or account signups needed.


As soon as a document is viewed or signed, you will be notified. Receive alerts when a request is set to expire, and send reminders.

 Activity tracked

Every step is recorded: when a document is viewed or signed. All parties receive a copy of the signed document.

Demo the Process

Get a first-hand look at the Adobe Sign process, from preparing and sending documents, to collecting signatures. Take a demo of the process from Adobe with a simulated experience and see how easy it is to prepare and send a document for signature.

Prefer to try the demo in a full browser? Visit the Adobe Sign site to try in a full browser.

Using Adobe Sign for the Alcohol Beverage Activity Form has streamlined this formerly time-consuming task. Everyone is now thinking of ways to use other forms in their departments!

Connie Hackney
Senior Administrative Assistant
Alkek Library

Adobe Sign has made the process of getting a form signed so much easier! I can track exactly whose signature it's waiting on and send a reminder without having to leave my desk!

Julia Lara
Senior Administrative Assistant
Technology Resources

Adobe Sign has allowed us to track many Leave Requests within our department electronically rather than a cumbersome paper trail! It has been a great time-saving tool!

Michelle Hudnall
Administrative Assistant III
Technology Resources


Data Classification Proper Use

Since documents are stored in the Adobe cloud, please do not ask for or include sensitive or confidential information using an Adobe Sign form.

If you have a question about whether or not to include certain types of information, please contact the governing department for consultation.

Please see Information Security's Data Classification guide for more information.

Confidential information examples:

• Social Security Numbers • HIPAA data
• Credit Card numbers • FERPA data
• PCI data  


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