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Software Purchasing and Licensing

Software Purchasing and Licensing is available through IT Business Services. Before requesting software, examine our software catalog to discover already available solutions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you may request software through our software purchasing process.  

  • Available to: Faculty and Staff

More About Software Purchasing and Licensing

Software purchasing process

The IT Business Services team will provide the following services during the purchasing process:

  • Obtain pricing information, purchase order, and track the delivery of requested software. Note: if you already have a quote for pricing, please attach to all submitted requests.
  • Acquire all necessary authorizations, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Information Security, and any other needed approvals.

Make sure to browse our software catalog to discover available software. 

Pre-authorized software

Can't find your software in the software catalog? View our list of software  pre-authorized by the Information Security Office and the Electronic Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator, and is available via an expedited process.

Prohibited software

Certain software is prohibited for use at Texas State University. Check the prohibited software list to see which software may not be purchased or used at our university.

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