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Reservation Policies for Alkek and Centennial Teaching Theaters

Mission Statement

We in the Learning Spaces Department at Texas State University are committed to the provision and the maintenance of appropriate physical facilities that contribute to a comfortable and conducive learning environment. The following policies and procedures contribute to the fulfillment of this policy. 

General Operating Guidelines

The Alkek and Centennial Hall Teaching Theaters are intended for the following use cases:  

Priority I

Instructional/Academic Use and Presidential Events

Priority II

Department-Sponsored Events, Conferences, and Meetings

Priority III

University Affiliated Events

Priority IV

Non-University Events


NOTE: Student organizations are urged to utilize the LBJ Student Center facilities for their events. Please contact Sabrina Lee with the LBJ Student Center to make reservations at 512-245-2264.

A.  Ultimately, priority is given to Academic Classes, Presidential Events, and Department-sponsored events (Priorities I & II).   

B.  Fees are assessed depending on priority grouping and type of event. 

C.  To avoid a monopoly on space by any customer, reservations may not exceed more than five events per semester. Recurring or standing reservations are not allowed except for educational programs conducted by the University. 

D.  Every event requires its own separate reservation request.

E.  The use of the facilities will be limited to three consecutive days or less. 

F.  Reservation requests are not accepted more than six months in advance of the proposed event. Exceptions are granted based on priority structure. 

Teaching Theater Policies

Noise and Amplification  

Activities shall not disrupt or disturb the academic mission of the university. Noise levels must be kept to a reasonable level and will not disturb the Alkek Library or Centennial Hall classrooms and offices. The teaching theaters reserve the right to monitor and adjust sound amplification levels within its facilities and related outdoor areas. Sound levels, both indoor and outdoor, will be kept at a decibel level not to exceed 85dB or at a decibel level that will not disturb the university community and its related activities as enforced by the Learning Spaces technician on duty.


It is the responsibility of the customer to leave the room in the same condition it was when the event began. The customer will be held responsible for additional custodial charges for restoring the space to a clean state. Customers not adhering to the cleanliness policy may lose their privilege to make future reservations.   

Banners and Signs

Any banners, signs and other marketing/presentation materials must be approved by the Division of Student Affairs and the Learning Spaces Teaching Theater Coordinator. The use of clear tape, tacks and pins are prohibited; please see the Theater Technician for application methods. Glitter, confetti, silly string, candy, and helium balloons are strictly prohibited in the teaching theater and lobby areas.

Food and Beverages

Food is not permitted inside the theaters.  Only bottled water is allowed inside the theaters.  Refreshments and light snacks are permitted in the lobby areas only.  Distribution of food and/or beverage items requires pre-approval by the Learning Spaces Teaching Theater Coordinator; additional policies may apply and will be enforced by the Theater Technician on duty.

Stage Furniture

The workstation and lectern must remain on stage during events and must not be moved.  The only exceptions to this policy are Academic and Presidential events with the approval of the Learning Spaces Teaching Theater Coordinator. Only Theater staff are authorized to move furniture in the theater and lobby. Customers not adhering to this policy may lose their privilege to make future reservations.  

Theater Curtains (Alkek Teaching Theater)

Only Learning Spaces Teaching Theater Technicians are authorized to open/close theater curtains (both within the teaching theater itself and those in the lobby area). Customers who attempt to move the curtains may be billed for repair costs of damaged curtains. 

Theater Temperature

Every attempt will be made to make the environment as comfortable as possible within the teaching theaters. Only Learning Spaces Teaching Theater Technicians are authorized to adjust temperature thermostats.

Reservations, Rental, & Fee Schedules 

Priority I

Instructional/Academic Use and Presidential Events

No Fee

Priority II Department-Sponsored Events, Conferences, and Meetings

$50.00 per event + $30/hr. technician rate

Priority III University Affiliated Events

$125.00 per event + $30/hr. technician rate

Priority IV Non-University Events

$250.00 per event + $30/hr. technician rate

Procedures for Reserving Use of the Facilities 

A.  Reservation requests for the Alkek Teaching Theater and the Centennial Hall Teaching Theater can be made online by submitting the Teaching Theater Reservation Request Form.
B.  Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance.  Reservations made with less than 14 days of notice are not guaranteed and must be approved by Teaching Theater Coordinator. 

NOTE: A rush fee of $25.00 will be assessed. 

C.  Once the reservation is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent confirming the details of the event and any equipment requested.  The confirmation will include a cost estimate listing all facility rental fees, technician charges, rush fees, and fees for any additional services requested and/or required.  

NOTE: Full Payment is due no later than 10 business days after the scheduled event date. Payment can be made to:

Texas State University
IT Assistance Center – Learning Spaces
ALKEK Room 145
601 University Dr.
San Marcos, TX  78666
ATTN: Debbie Bilbrey

D.  Reservations will be approved based on their Priority Level and the order they are received.  

E.  Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.  Additionally, a representative from your event must arrive on the day of the event within the first hour of the reserved time-period.

CAUTION: Failure to cancel an event and/or have a representative arrive within the first hour of the reserved time-period will result in a charge of the full rental rate shown on the estimate provided to you upon the booking of your event. 

F.  Student organizations and outside organizations are required to sign a Facility Use Agreement prior to the event date.  

Additional Services (Additional Charges May Apply)

Additional Services may be requested or required as determined by the Learning Spaces Teaching Theater Coordinator:


University security officers may be required when appropriate. The customer must contact UPD and assumes financial responsibility. This must be done before the event is given final approval. 

Additional Chairs and Seating

Please request additional tables and chairs when submitting the reservation form. The customer may be directed to contact materials management for table/chair rental/delivery if the theater cannot supply the tables/chairs requested.


Additional custodial services maybe required. If required, customer will assume financial responsibility.