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Turnitin is a service that allows papers to be checked against a continually updated database and the internet for originality. Multiple grading and feedback options are available to improve student writing. Turnitin is available in TRACS Assignments and Canvas Assignments.

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff
  • Where to use: TRACS, Canvas, and
  • Cost: Free

More About Turnitin

Additional Information

TRACS Assignments has Turnitin integration.

  • Turnitin accounts do not need to be created for instructors or students.
  • Simply enable the feature on your assignment settings page.
  • Originality reports will generate for each student directly on your assignment grade page.
  • Learn more about using Turnitin with TRACS Assignments. Accounts can be created if you wish to use the Turnitin service on their site.

  • You will need to request an account for
  • You can create courses on, and use their grading and feedback features offered.
  • Students upload papers directly to a assignment.
  • TRACS Assignments do not integrate with assignments created on
  • Request a Texas State Account.

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