On June 17, Mediaflo permissions will be changed to a read-only state. You will still be able to access your media and download it as needed; however, no new content will be uploaded to Mediaflo and no edits can be made to existing content. Additionally, Ensemble Anthem should no longer be used for screen captures and/or webcam recordings. Going forward, please upload all new media to YuJa.

YuJa was selected to replace Mediaflo as Texas State's video platform. It integrates with Canvas, the university's learning management system. In addition, YuJa offers a variety of enhanced features, including built-in video editing tools, variable playback speeds, auto-transcription, and more. 

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff, Students
  • Where to use: Online
  • Cost: Free

Additional Information

VCMS Replacement Project

YuJa media platform was selected to replace Mediaflo. The service provider behind Mediaflo was acquired by another company that has chosen to retire the service. YuJa is expected to be available to all faculty, staff, and students in late spring/early summer. 

Read more about the project timeline and migration plan on the IT Division Blog.