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Texas State University

Accessibility Statement


All Texas State websites strive to adhere to university accessibility policy with the understanding that keeping content accessible is part of the regular maintenance of our websites. Our policy references 1 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 206, Subchapter C, Rule 206.70 (TAC 206.70) for accessibility guidance.

To assist our website managers, we run monthly scans using Pope Tech (formerly known as Dinolytics) to assist in finding and addressing accessibility issues quickly.

Reporting an Issue

If you find content that is difficult to use with assistive technology, please contact the Electronic Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator (EIRAC) and they will work with site managers to remedy the content.

Contact Details

Evan Pickrel, Electronic Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator

Known Issues

While Texas State strives to fulfill the language of our policy, some of our content is under review for remediation. Below is a list of known issues with our website templates.

Gato Form Template

Alert Dialogs in Text Entry Fields

  • In some cases, when a user tabs into a text entry field the screen reader will announce "alert" when the cursor enters the field.  This is a known bug with Firefox and will affect users until a release addresses the problem.

Gato Content Types

Image Gallery

  • JAWS and NVDA detect each image of an image gallery as a linked image with a destination.  While these images are wrapped in an anchor, activating the link will only open a modal window so that users can cycle through the image gallery.  These are not destination links and the Gato team is currently investigating ways to make this content type less confusing for users of screen readers.
  • Gato developers added a global caption option to help editors provide a full description of the event being presented by the image gallery.  Editors are advised to use the global caption to provide an accessible description for users of screen readers.

Article List

  • Article lists are designed to show a snippet of a full article that allows easy linking to larger pages of content.  Currently, this content type can create an abundance of suspicious link text on pages that use it.  Gato developers are investigating this content type for redesign.

Rich Editor and Text and Image

  • Occasionally, Gato editors use images with heavy textual information to build web pages instead of using our accessible text tools.  If you find a page with an image that does not have sufficient alt text, please report it to the EIRAC.

Gato Video Modal

When the video modal is activated using Firefox with NVDA, but not switched into full screen mode, the play button does not operate correctly using the spacebar or enter keys by themselves.  You can use shift+enter to toggle the play/pause button in this case.  In full screen mode, it will operate correctly.

This issue is likely an AT/Browser combination issue and was reported to NV Access for investigation.  If you encounter this issue, use Chrome with NVDA instead.